How Long to File Wrongful Termination?

How Long to File Wrongful Termination?

You might assume that instances of unfair job terminations are infrequent.

However, reconsider that notion.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) reports that a minimum of 150,000 employees face wrongful termination annually.

If you suspect you’ve been unfairly dismissed, you may be curious about the timeframe for filing a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Continue reading to learn more.

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How Long to File Wrongful Termination
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What is the maximum amount one can sue for wrongful termination?

Although awards in the multimillion-dollar range are conceivable.

It’s essential to note that federal regulations impose restrictions on punitive and compensatory damages in wrongful termination cases.

These damages cannot surpass $50,000 to $300,000, contingent on the employer’s workforce size.

How long to sue for wrongful termination in Pennsylvania?

It is two years.

The Pennsylvania Statute of Limitations for wrongful termination specifies that if you believe your termination involves illegal discrimination.

You have 180 days to file your claims with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission.

In other situations, the window for filing a wrongful termination claim can range from 30 days to two years.

What is the highest settlement ever awarded for discrimination?

The largest settlement for discrimination reached $253 million.

Sanford Heisler Sharp secured the most substantial jury verdict in U.S. history for an employment discrimination case.

A jury granted $253 million after holding a pharmaceutical giant accountable for gender discrimination in pay, promotions, and matters related to pregnancy.

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Time frame to File Wrongful Termination
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What is the definition of discrimination?

Discrimination involves treating someone differently or less favorably for a specific reason.

This disparate treatment can occur in various settings, including schools, the workplace, or public spaces such as malls or subway stations.

What are the three most prevalent forms of discrimination?

Race, Color, and Sex.

What is the time limit for a wrongful termination in Texas?

180 days In Texas, the deadline for filing a wrongful termination claim is 180 days from the date of your dismissal.

Successful lawsuits may result in compensation for lost wages, punitive damages, or job reinstatement.

What is the Time Frame for wrongful termination in Illinois?

5 years If you had a written contract with your employer, you have 10 years to file a claim.

For cases involving an oral agreement, the window to file a wrongful termination claim is 5 years.

In conclusion

The timeframe for filing a wrongful termination lawsuit varies depending on the jurisdiction and the circumstances surrounding the case.

It is crucial for individuals who believe they have experienced wrongful termination to be aware of the specific deadlines applicable to their situation.

Whether it’s the 180-day limit in Texas or the 5-year window in Illinois, understanding and adhering to these deadlines is essential for preserving one’s legal rights and seeking potential remedies such as compensation for lost wages or job reinstatement.

Consulting with legal professionals can provide valuable guidance on navigating these timelines and pursuing justice in cases of wrongful termination.


How long does a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit take?

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