How to File Wrongful Termination in Texas

How to File Wrongful Termination in Texas.

If Texas has fired you or subjected you to discrimination, you may possess rights.

Such reasons are race, gender, religion, pregnancy, refusal of illegal tasks, or complaints about employment laws.

Other situations include taking leave, discussing working conditions, joining a union, and having a specified employment period.

Also working in government without the chance to dispute termination reasons.

If you believe you’ve been treated unfairly, consult a lawyer, as these protections may apply to specific employers or employees.

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Filling for Wrongful Termination in Texas
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What constitutes wrongful termination in Texas?

For instance, it is against the law for an employer to dismiss an employee based on discrimination or retaliation related to race, religion, age, or disability.

Other instances include firing an employee for revealing her pregnancy or for making a complaint about workplace safety.

Are there wrongful termination laws in Texas?

Texas follows an at-will employment policy, allowing your employer to terminate you for a valid, invalid, or even no reason.

Nevertheless, there are situations in which termination could be deemed illegal, providing grounds for legal action and potential damages against your employer.

What rights do I have as a Texas employee?

Employees have the right to work in a workplace free from discrimination or harassment based on race, religion, national origin, age, disability, color, sex, or genetic information.

In Texas, you also possess the right to receive minimum wage and overtime pay.

Crucial Timelines

Timeframes can be brief.

Workers facing wrongful termination or discrimination might have to submit a complaint to the (EEOC),  (TWC) or (NLRB) within 180 days of experiencing discrimination.

Federal employees must report discrimination to the employer’s equal employment office.

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How to File a Wrongful Termination in Texas
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How to Initiate an EEOC or TWC Complaint

To start the process with the EEOC, visit your nearby EEOC office or dial (800) 669-4000.

The EEOC also provides a Public Portal for submitting a Discrimination Charge.

To commence the process with the TWC, go to your local TWC office or call (888) 452-4778 or (512) 463-2642.

To begin the process with the NLRB, visit your local NLRB office or call (866) 667-6572.

The NLRB also offers an E-Filing option for submitting a Charge.

In Conclusion

If you think you were unfairly fired, learn how to file a claim in Texas.

Knowing about discrimination based on race, religion, age, or disability helps you take legal action.

Start the process promptly with agencies like EEOC or TWC.

Understand your rights and file a complaint to seek redress for wrongful termination.

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