What type of Attorney handles Wrongful Termination

What type of Attorney handles Wrongful Termination?

If you’ve been dismissed from your job and suspect that the termination was unjust, seeking assistance from an employment lawyer experienced in handling wrongful termination cases could offer valuable support.

These legal professionals specialize in safeguarding the rights of individuals who have been fired unlawfully.

They manage lawsuits related to wrongful termination, submit grievances to agencies like the (EEOC) and equivalent state bodies, and offer reliable guidance to individuals facing such challenges.

To help you access the necessary legal guidance for your wrongful termination case, we’ve compiled a directory of lawyers and law firms in your locality.

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What type of Attorney handles Wrongful Termination
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Different Forms of Unlawful Dismissal

An attorney can assist in determining whether your termination adhered to legal standards or breached federal, state, or local regulations about:

  1. Discrimination based on various factors such as race, color, national origin, age, sex (including issues related to pregnancy and sexual orientation), religious beliefs, or disability status.
  2. Retaliation for actions like taking medical leave (including COVID-19-related leave), reporting sexual harassment, seeking workers’ compensation benefits, whistleblowing, or pursuing legal actions against the company or its employees.
  3. Breach of an employment contract or violation of employment agreements.
  4. Other illicit reasons for dismissal that contradict public policy and legal statutes.

An attorney can navigate these and other potential grounds for wrongful termination.

Advocating for your rights if your former employer asserts that your dismissal was lawful, particularly if you were an at-will employee.

How to Select a Wrongful Termination Lawyer

When exploring various attorneys and law firms specializing in wrongful termination and employee rights, consider the following factors:

  1. Comfort Level – Do you feel at ease sharing personal details with the lawyer? Does the lawyer demonstrate a genuine interest in resolving your issue and providing the necessary legal support?
  2. Credentials – What is the lawyer’s level of experience? Have they handled numerous cases involving unlawful terminations?
  3. Cost – Does the lawyer offer a complimentary initial consultation? Is payment required upfront or upon case completion? Can the lawyer provide an estimate of the total expenses involved?
  4. Location – Is the lawyer’s office conveniently situated? How far is it from your residence?
An Infographic Indicating What type of Attorney handles Wrongful Termination
An Infographic Indicating What type of Attorney handles Wrongful Termination

What Are My Options for Addressing Wrongful Termination?

If you suspect that your dismissal was unlawful, you have the option to complain to your state’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or labor board to initiate an investigation into the matter.

In many instances, seeking guidance from a seasoned attorney specializing in wrongful termination is highly advisable.

Such a legal expert can assist you in evaluating your circumstances and devising an effective strategy, whether it involves pursuing EEOC claims or legal proceedings.

Wrongful termination cases can be intricate, and the expertise of a knowledgeable attorney can significantly impact the outcome in your favor.

How Should I Prepare for a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit?

For those contemplating legal action for wrongful termination, gathering evidence to substantiate your claims is crucial.

This evidence may include:

  • Your employer’s employee handbook;
  • Any employment contract you may have;
  • Performance evaluations;
  • Correspondence such as emails with your employer.

Such evidence aids a lawyer in evaluating your case and bolstering your position if litigation ensues.

What Compensation Can I Obtain Through a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit?

What remedies are available if your wrongful termination case proves successful?

The available remedies can vary widely depending on the jurisdiction.

Typically, employees may be entitled to recover lost wages or reinstatement with back pay as a baseline.

Additionally, the damages awarded may hinge on the nature of the claim.

However, there are limitations on emotional distress damages based on the employer’s size and a constitutional cap on punitive damages.

In some instances, successful plaintiffs in discrimination cases may also have their attorney’s fees and legal expenses covered.

It’s essential to consult with an attorney familiar with your state’s laws to ascertain the potential remedies available to you.

What type of Attorney handles Wrongful Termination (FAQs)

1. FAQ: What type of attorney should I seek for handling wrongful termination?

Answer: You should look for an employment attorney specializing in wrongful termination cases.

2. FAQ: Can any lawyer handle wrongful termination cases?

Answer: While any lawyer can technically handle them, it’s best to seek out an attorney with specific expertise in employment law and wrongful termination.

3. FAQ: Do I need a specialized attorney for wrongful termination cases?

Answer: It’s highly recommended to choose a lawyer who specializes in employment law and has a track record of success in handling wrongful termination cases.

4. FAQ: What qualifications should I look for in a lawyer to handle my wrongful termination case?

Answer: Look for a lawyer with experience, expertise, and a demonstrated history of successfully representing clients in wrongful termination disputes within the realm of employment law.


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